Matt & Michelle Righetti:

"We purchased a 1907 residence that had not been touched in decades. In addition to a complete remodel on four floors, we wanted to re-organize the main living level and incorporate a much-needed garage into the facade, but it was important to maintain the architectural integrity of the house. David did a superb job with the design, but his experience was particularly valuable in our dealings with city officials and our neighbors. Moreover, he was able to introduce us to a contractor who gave us a great bid, negotiated in a straightforward way, and followed the design drawings with care. We have used David for three successive projects and would not hesitate using him again in the future."


Dan Miller and Sandra Marsh:

"Dave Teeters was our architect when we remodeled our 100-year-old condo. He was not a hired hand, but more an expert participant in a collaboration. He listened carefully to our goals and ideas, contributed creative, practical and cost-effective ideas of his own, and then integrated all the elements into a cohesive and beautiful whole. His reconfiguration of stairs in our three-unit building, a key element of the solution, was ingenious. That was a dozen years ago. Every day we are the happy beneficiaries of the care and talent Dave brought into our lives."


Jeff and Theresa Oda:

"We started with a plain vanilla two-story box with no personality and not enough space. David worked out a scheme within the existing building, but then we decided to add an entire floor, in addition to a complete remodel and seismic upgrade.

"Besides being very talented, David has a great personality and is very easy to work with, even incorporating input from our three-year-old daughter, while altering the style of the house in a modern and very personal way. We love how the resulting home works for our family and we had a lot of fun along the way."


Jim and Jean Hardin:

"David Teeters extended our compact 1907 home into the rear yard and accomplished a major reconfiguration of the interior space. As would be expected from an architect, he has a good eye for design, but he is especially good at creative use of space. We were working with a very limited envelope and David’s design feels much more spacious and livable.

"David is particularly knowledgeable about San Francisco building codes and knows his way around the Planning Department. He is very intelligent, easy to work with, and receptive to our ideas. Also, he was on time to all meetings and was honest in the time he billed us.

"We are very pleased with the work he did."


Alan and Beth Wurzweiler:

"We used David Teeters on two occasions, first a remodel and then three years later to add an entire floor, both very complex assignments. His problem-solving creativity and financial awareness are exceptional, as are his ability to work with the City through the permit process and to negotiate with sub-contractors through tricky issues of construction. He is especially good at concentrating his efforts on the parts of the design that need extra care. We would recommend him without hesitation and would absolutely use him for any future projects."


Andrew and Robin Davis:

"My wife and I really appreciated Dave's talents in the design process. We entered our first meeting with a specific vision of the space we wanted to create. In that meeting and others Dave helped us think about our goals for the space; we talked about how we wanted to use the space. He then helped us see three visions of what could be and all three visions met more of our goals than the plan we started with. Not only did we get all of the spaces we needed, but improved flow through the home. We were also impressed by Dave's ability to fit a tremendous amount into a small space. As the builders erect the walls we know that every square inch is maximized. Yes, the finishes are going to be great, but it is the design that will make the home a wonderful place to live. I am so glad that we worked with Dave and trusted his process; our home is much better for it."


Paul Mayfield and Susan Torres:

"Susan and I retained Dave Teeters in 2001 to design an addition to our small 1916 Craftsman Cottage in Noe Valley. The scope of the project included extending a new family room off the kitchen into the rear yard and tucking a new master bedroom and bath below, with a new patio and spa in the garden.

"A major concern was that our project not look like so many additions that bear no resemblance to the existing house. Dave took his design cues from existing columns separating the dining and living rooms and used similar columns to anchor the ends of a bar between the kitchen and new family room. At the top, these same columns supported a dropped beam that wrapped into a soffit at the perimeter of the family room, neatly articulating the adjacent high ceilings, while retaining the framing of the existing back porch. It saved us some costs as it cleverly mirrored existing ceilings.

"Also, we had a view from our dining room to a beautiful garden that we didn’t want to cut off by extending the new family room to the rear. Dave persuaded us to bend the wall with three facets, opening the view more with each bend. This both salvaged the view from the dining room and gave us more ways to enjoy the garden from the family room and kitchen. Highly unconventional, but a wonderful solution.

"And most important, the anticipated nightmares of any construction project never materialized. There were never any problems with Dave, neither design nor billing issues, no problems with the City nor with the neighbors, and the contractor Dave selected was a dream to work with. Nothing went wrong - everything was as smooth as glass!

After ten years, our appreciation has only increased."

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